Judit's diary - Week 26Learning to start!

Judit's diary - Week 26Learning to start!

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Neither you nor you, and it is forbidden. And now what?

Never in my life have I been a type of "put my head down and get some sleep". Unfortunately. I had been addicted to it for years, I think I needed the most psycho-lavender potion psychically, even though I didn't bother anyone, the point was that I could sleep all night long. Last summer, after wandering through the distant landscapes of the bear, I had to get used to being alone in bed again. Finally, I was so exhausted from bedtime and reading nine of my novels that, after a while, I had no trouble sleeping.
When I became pregnant, my need for sleep increased to about eighteen, I was in my ovis period, and had to sleep after dinner and after dinner. And in the second trimester, normal circularity returned - except I was terribly tired at the time. Otherwise, I think it was the most horrible of all things. Until now.
I think my poke is a lot bigger than the average, so the doctor scoffs that he thinks I'm two or three weeks ahead. I find it almost excluded, since the beard was not even home! There was also a menstrual period. I suspect he's going to hit the grandpa who is a basketball, gross two-meter, with long, straight legs. I'm praying that your head won't be big, just the cardinal request!
I have a can, I'm a little wet, I sleep in the gallery, it's not so hot. Regardless of this, I wake up in the morning, completely awake, even though I usually wake up three times in a single night, twice as soon as I have to go to the toilet. I can't control them not to drink because I'm thirsty. The uprising is getting harder, too, and sometimes it stops, and catches the half, not falling down the stairs. This is, say, very funny in my mind, I blasted it out the other day - and now I'm a grandma. The end of my high school years. What I do not write up is that I forget forgetting to stumble for a few minutes, move more and more slowly, and constantly have to ask because I cannot follow a basic conversation. I feel sorry for myself.
But sleep. Because of the vena cava, I can't lie on my back, my right side is not lucky and my left side hates my son for some reason. I don't take much risk with it, because as I turn to that page, I immediately start to protest wildly and I get a frug. Now what's the problem? Does blood flow to his head? Don't get lost? Do you have to bend your leg? Anyway, I don't question what's wrong with him, we don't do it. So nowadays the process is to sleep over and over, turning to my right until my thirst or blister wakes me up. I'm not complaining, but it would be nice for you to lie down. Of course I know, this is just a cushion that makes me sleep when I can, not when I need to. Also, the newborn on our first floor (two weeks) was constantly screaming. I'm starting to worry…