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Best Developer 6. - Let's Open to the World!

Baby fashion in URBAN fashion! Perhaps little is known: the basis of development is that the little one is open-minded to the world. All we have to do is create a good material and environmental environment for this.

Best Developer 6. - Let's Open to the World!

The little baby babies point to the butterfly: Ouch! Later, the postman is greeted with the same gesture: Ouch! All day, our baby is discovering new and interesting things: an ant, a yellow truck, an airplane. And you are as enthusiastic about everything! No one can be as impressed with the tiny faces of the world as a little kid. self-directed learning basic need. "Versatile development" is one of the pillars of education. The developer, of course not performance hair means merely to arouse interest rich environment. When szьlхk vбlaszolnak gyerekьk kйrdйseire when you create it lehetхsйget to kуstoljon at ъjabb нzeket, voices gyцnyцrkцdjцn and megtapogassa the erdхben wood tцrzsйt or when kйpeskцnyvet nйzegetnek him йs carefully vйgighallgatjбk akadozу йlmйnybeszбmolуit, you vйgzik with the legtermйszetesebb йs most loving fejlesztхprogramot йppen . Would we have thought? Not all parents trust in themselves, and for that reason, they introduce their seedlings to playful English, a numerical course, in their early school years.You know about the student:- With a definite conclusion, mental and spiritual nutrition is better utilized. Dad, Mom, or Grandma are safe and happy, and the little one starts off to discover the world.
- Knowledge is "learned" more easily from people you like and love.
- The "many aids make a lot of sense" principle is not true. We cannot say that the more children develop, the more development they get.
- The little ones absorb the knowledge like a sponge, assuming they can progress at their own pace. Parents can best help by observing what engages them and engaging with their interests.
- Because all children are unique, we do not usually have to develop by standards. Unnecessary to compare them, to discover the individual opportunities of your child, and to look forward to all the advancements! Of course, exploring the world is also a bit of an annoyance - something you need as well as success. Learn how to face challenges bear the failure, and how to work with your peers, and just how to learn. These are the basic skills you would have learned already before school. Donata Elschenbroich psychologist says it's okay if you can swing, put up a bunch of people, beat the egg white, sleep on a big one or an ovist, you can name three delicious scents, plant a seed, give a drink, to be and proud of something. What kind of skills do you have? And neither is taught in a specialist or course.

"I didn't want to be a bad mother!"

Out of the ordinary, you can get stomach bumps - this was new to the mother of six-year-old Greta. The whole life began in the hospital. The new moms have compared their Apgar values ​​to their newborns. Each baby received ten points, only mine eight. Is it possible that this puts my baby in a very unfavorable position? - I got pregnant and signed up for a baby consultation. It turned out to be superfluous. So we went for the game for the sake of safety, because I heard from other moms that it would make the little one more confident and smarter. I thought I would be a sloppy, tireless mother if I didn't do enough to develop my baby. He's having fun and he's getting smart - I thought. Green didn't think about it, but she protested a few times when I was out of the sand because we had to go to English or to the gym. Sometimes he cried. Unfortunately, I didn't even get to it when he started complaining of weird stomachs more and more. My mom called my attention. It took me a while to understand the signs for my baby and to stop the show. Greta blossomed, had time to do what she really liked: paint, play with the baby, "help" me in the kitchen. From time to time, remorse was captured. What about your musical talent? It is worth learning a language at the earliest stages of life ... We have just enrolled in school. Play School - Stand half-footed like a storm, what kind of story do you see in the cape, draw circles and triangles. With a maximum score We came out, so I finally rested: we can do enough. We brought in the eighth Apgart !?

Competition in development - kids are losing

Dr. Gabriele Haug-Schnabel with behavioral biology we talked about a meaningful parental estimate and early development limits:- Parents want the best for their children, and want to get the best out of school.
- That is understandable, but a wise Indian saying gives us an answer on how we develop our child: the fы does not grow faster if we pull it. So our child does not develop better, even if we are on all the tools to be smarter, smarter. Often it is opposite effect: The graduate student who goes to a parent's creative profession, to a language course, and to a computer training profession develops more slowly because he or she feels never too good, and this is a serious deterrent. He does not even need to discover the world, because he is really imposing knowledge.- What do the children need to develop well?
- About him instead of forced initiations Inquiring beds are neededwho answer their questions and listen to them. Leave plenty of time for forgotten games and free experimentation, and leave room for fun! Add appropriate material to your hands that will move your training power. For example, with a single tree cube and cloth, our seedling can do much more than the physical physical experiments we show him.- So different specialists and development courses are completely unnecessary?
- That is why it cannot be said so unequivocally. For children who live in a poor environment, or who are unable to arouse their interest, kindergarten, Beethoven development does a good job. There is also a need for custom development for those who do they are struggling in some areas. And, of course, we do not need to withhold our baby when it comes to light for special talent and interest. But let's keep it that way: it is the children who choose what works for them. We just need to find the opportunities where they can take interest.- How does a parent know if your child has musical or linguistic skills?
- For the discerning parent, this is revealed in the home games, during the weekday activities. Many times you are a relative or a friend, or your lover is noticed by someone who does not see the child every day, so more prominently. We do not have to worry about not recognizing our talent or missing out on the best time for development. Nothing is missed when you start learning a language or music only at school.

And what if it's a course?

When choosing a pleasurable activity, consider the following:
- How do we get there? If your return trip is cumbersome, it takes longer than the occupation itself, consider it worth it!
- How much time do you spend in our day, in our week? Significantly tilt the ratio of both free and leisure activities!
- What are you doing? The most important is that feel good gyerekьnk. Smaller ones are less specialized professionals who can do a wide range of activities. Related articles: