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When can Sleeping be Sleepy?

Sooner or later, in kindergarten, all children start protesting after going to lunch. It also depends on the amount of time you sleep during the night, your child's need for sleep, fatigue, his / her agenda, and the condition of his / her sleep.

For many years, the child has a great need for sleep in Duluth

It is harder to lay down if you have slept well in the morning, but it may be unnecessary at this point, as you would be pushed to bed in the evening. Very active, active children certainly need peace of mind, although they are the most opposed. A tired, tired child is distressed, has a hard time with failure, and has an easier time with an accident. After dinner, in the usual time, write to your room or bed, talk, sing, talk a little, and leave it alone. Let's choose in advance what you are doing he can deal quietly, alone: picture book browsing, drawing, beading, dolling, listening to music… Seventy to forty minutes of quiet, retired activity is enough.How do you get to sleep? If so, we absolutely need to make concessions. For example, you don't have to go to bed, you can go to a mattress in the living room or beside your playground (but at the same time every day after lunch). If time permits, lie down and sleep for a while. Let's get a Frozen Eating program! Make sure nothing interesting happens after lunch: don't turn on the switch, filter out movement and noise.Related materials:
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