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Baby Gold Dolls: The Carrier!

Baby Gold Dolls: The Carrier!

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It would seem that if they had to choose what to bring to an uninhabited island among baby dolls, the textile carrier would be the first.

Today, after three children, I find that a child in a cozy home, a baby who has been born to the blood, needs little more than an admitted parent. We love the cost of products that care for the environment, care, security, soft food, you can buy anything for your money, but you just want to buy it for the sake of money also need to play.

The shawl, that is it!

If I had to choose one thing from the baby shop, a hordozуkendх it would be. It may be because of the sensation, because it feels amazing to feel like my little body is touching me with my whole little body, but that is what strengthens my maternal sentiment, to my relief, to my happiness, to being here make sure you feel good about yourself. It's easy to rock the body of the tent.
I started using the cloth for practical reasons. When my baby was born, we lived on the second floor, with two si-cu dogs who had to be walked several times a day. Walking with a stroller to walk a running dog - well, it didn't work for me. But he went with the cloth and the kid was coming to me, each one holding a polish. The woman living with the two stairwells regularly worried about her child's mind, whether she was being given air, whether she was not cold, or whether she was comfortable with her. Looks like it is elйgedetten snooze baby's leg did not convince him that the baby was enjoying himself, everything was fine with him.

Give it a try, be patient!

I'm really crazy I didn't leave the shawls back then baby shop, even though I am not shy about my colors, and I'm sorry I wore it, even though my family members of the family looked at me for the shawls. I was amazed myself because I am not that kind of quirky, I can't bear the prominent, not the usual stuff, but this kendo was so inside that nothing could stop it. I recommend that all moms try out carrying and leave time for her and the baby to get used to it. There are also many variations on the portability modes, so look for one that suits you. If someone is insecure or in need of financial resources, I recommend that you first try out the baby stroller, if we have a sewing machine, we can do it with minimal practice. I sewed two baby kittens myself, absolutely antitalentum, so that I do the sewing pretty much twice a year, so it's really really easy to make it.

One on the back, one in the car

In summer 2010 we went to the Vienna Zoo. My baby is three years old, my baby was nine months old at the time. We take the little one stroller, and the security supplies were always there with me. Then my little boy got bored with the baby in the stroller, so he looked down from the cloth until he hadn't fallen asleep. Then I returned to the stroller. Yes, but by the end of the tummy my baby was tired, he didn't feel like walking, so I tied it with a scarf on my back. By the time we got out of the zoo, my little backpack was asleep.
Bizilja Rozblia, Surfland