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In the XXI. Century contraception

In the XXI. Century contraception

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A new method has been added to women's choice of contraceptives: the hormonal contraceptive device in the womb. This is recommended for women who have given birth and who have a new chance at spirals or infertile pills.

Safe contraception for up to 5 years, no problem

This device will need to be fitted once by the woman and, because of this, you will forget all the problems that have been caused by conception. The uterine hormonal contraceptive device's safety is outweighed by surgical sterilization, but the effect is completely reversible. If you want to have another child, you may become pregnant again after you have lost the device.

Specifics to the tablet:

  • Effectively in the womb, the body's hormone load is very low
  • No need to take it daily
  • It can also be used during breastfeeding
  • Older women over 35 can also be used
  • It's more reliable because you can't forget about it
  • Longer cheaper

Opposite the spiral:

  • Eliminates skinny, hot monthly bleeding
  • Applicable for 5 years
  • It reduces the incidence of pelvic infections
  • The effect of conception is more reliable

The monthly bleeding is almost imperceptible

Menstrual blood loss gradually decreases after insertion of the uterine hormonal contraceptive device. After the first year of use, 80% of women have almost monthly menstrual bleeding. It lasts for 1-2 days and has minimal blood loss.

Protects women's health

In addition to having an effect on conception, a hormonal contraceptive device in the womb has other beneficial effects. Reduction in monthly blood volume and duration results in less iron deficiency anemia. Monthly bleeding with stings and pain is rectified by the application of the tool. The pelvic inflammation and uterine pregnancy are less common with the device.

Cheaper in the long run

A hormonal contraceptive device in the uterus is one of the most advanced methods of contraception and, when fitted, is more expensive than conventional methods of contraception. However, in the long run, it is cheaper than taking a 5 year pill, not to mention the daily hassle and expense.

Who did you recommend?

  • Who already has a child
  • Who wants to forget about conception for 5 years
  • You want almost unnoticeable, mild monthly bleeding
  • And everyone who is born and doesn't want to have another child for at least 5 years and wants to use a reliable and modern method of contraception that will protect their health until the age of change.