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Duck around the potty

When a child reaches the age of two, he or she is already on a few important steps: again, he starts to talk, eats, but with great certainty, he is not clean at all.

The grandmothers and the dad thought it would be time, because a child like that was already going to a party or toil - how long do you want to diaper?
Of course, there are many answers to this request. You can say that you get used to it slowly, and your blood as long as you get used to it. You can also say that by the time you are three, you will be clean in one week. Or you can open up the internet, challenge your friends by searching for some really good methods that can quickly solve your problem.
Vass Enikхt they were not motivated by grandparents, but attracted by a nearby kindergarten: two and a half years later, they would have taken the baby out of the diaper.
"My sister's sister lives in America, and she's a lot shorter about her maternity leave, so kids get used to having a party very soon," says Enik. - This little son nine months younger than my son, and has already successfully left the pelvis when we two and three month old son "quick habituated" method kiprуbбlбsбba. We did just about everything we did on the page suggested by the Sorghum, and the result was not missed. On the third day, Bron was born every time he needed a party, but it was only a few hours later that he dared risk being carried away for too long.

If you get it out

The method is very popular in England and America. Two psychologists, Nathan H. Azrin йs Richard M. Foxx His book, Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, published in 1974, first outlined the tasks that were more and more elaborated since then. Steps followed by Enikх Julie Fellom can be linked to your name. Look exactly what they are!
According to Julie the time for fast training is between 15 and 28 months, Ideal for two-birthday. It is also important to note, however, that after three days you cannot expect full room cleanliness right away, but he assures you that the little one will pee in a party or toilet than in a diaper - and a few days or even a few weeks .
There is a need for some preparation before your tired weekend. For the time being it is advisable to familiarize the child with the party and / or the toilet. The most obvious way to do this is if you have to go to the toilet then let him go with you, and even encourage him to. Of course, this turns out to be a lot in the family, but if you choose Julie's method, you shouldn't mind it.
One week before your weekend, tell your child how good it is that you won't have to wear a diaper anytime soon, and show them how much diaper you need before you need it anymore. You also need to buy (buy and quote) enough bills so that you can place one in every home.

Come up with some playful ritual to quit

And, guess, guess it, then practice your own personalized billiards! This could be an Indian jumping bug, or just a little tact from the duck, just to express it: a great thing that we celebrate with a trick.

A long weekend

On the first day, the child wakes up in the apartment from the time he awakens, wearing diapers and waistcoats, waist-down naked, and the parents watch their eyes and drink a lot. If you think you need to pee or poop, you are directed to the closest party and encouraged to do the job. If at least part of the final product lands in the right place, the billiards may follow.
Based on Julie's experience, after 10 to 12 such occasions, the child will understand most of what we expect from her, and she must practice. Of course, you get a diaper for sleeping - although you may wake up in the sun, but this is still not the case.
The second day goes much the same as the first, but is spent outside the South in an advisory house. They do not give diapers, but they pelt before departure, and bring with them clothing and possibly a party.
On the third day, there are twice as many urns, once stewed and once dunden.
Julie recommends that you stay around for three months after your weekend do not wear underwear, because it can easily lead to a get-back, but three months later you can get the first real panties or pants of your life.
"The method might be a bit American, but it worked for us," Enik tells us. - It was almost completely clean for Bron at night when her little brother, Beb, was born. Because of this, however, it has become "backfired": although the puppy can still be trusted, pisses are often very frequent accidents. But we won't deal with that now. Their billiards continue to have a lot of success, and now we have a real big-boy underwear for when Bron is completely clean, but we are not bothered. But in the meantime, I'd like to stop using this diaper again.

Why do you?

  • Your wallet and environment are bad if you quit the diaper well before your three-year-old's birthday.
  • It is a proven and fast technique, and chances are that you will not lose the process of quitting.
  • It is a fun family program that changes the way you quit, reduces stress around the party.
  • Why not?

  • It is rare that a (parent) couple of three can devote a whole day exclusively to this.
  • Relatives and acquaintances will surely have a good deal of good and good idea of ​​quitting when they hear you are ready.
  • It is difficult to adhere to the fact that you do not wear a diaper after three days, especially when traveling or traveling.

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